US WWII miscellaneous stenciled data

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Many times, as vehicles had to proceed through ordnance processing checkpoints, data was added to the outside of the vehicle to tell the consumer (receiving unit) what and when a specific process had taken place. These included radio installation and checks, winterization, and other things which were necessary for safe operation of the vehicle. One of the most common was the stencil "CAUTION LEFT HAND DRIVE NO SIGNALS" on vehicles in the United Kingdom to warn motorists that the vehicle would not behave like a British vehicle with right hand drive.

The codes and data provided here are sufficient for a large number of vehicles. Note that the radio installation slug is followed by one and only one radio set nomenclature (e.g. "Radio Harness Installation For SCR-610") and a date must follow complete (use the date section, i.e. "complete 2/45").

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Researched by Cookie Sewell