Wine and Champagne bottle labels

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Sheet with one hundred fourteen vintage labels in twenty two different styles.



These are not conventional decals. They require special handling to apply.

Cut desired decal from the sheet. These are printed on a continuous clear decal film so they have to be trimmed up to the edge of the label.

Dip decal in hot water for a few seconds, remove from the water and wait about 20 seconds it to loosen from the backing paper. Push or pull with a small brush to see when it loosens.

Position the decal with a small brush. The decal will stay flat and not conform to the bottle no matter how much setting solution or force you use so just let it dry.

After drying use a small brush to apply SOLVASET or MICRO SOL setting solution to the space between the back of the decal and the bottle. Do not try to force the decal to conform, and it might even curl AWAY from the bottle. This is normal.

Let it dry overnight. At this point the decal should be close to completely conforming to the bottle but if not, dip a small brush in boiling water and use it to force the label to bend to the shape of the bottle. Heat will soften the inks.