Miscellaneous US vehicle interior and exterior stencils

Data stencils for solid color AFV's from 1940 to 1975

NOTE: All product images are a standardized width, therefore some may display larger than actual size while some may display smaller. Artwork pictured here may have intentional errors to protect copyrights. The colors that display on your monitor may or may not be accurate and are to be considered for reference only.


Sufficient markings are included on this two-sheet set to cover most of the major items carried on US Armored vehicles from 1945 to 1975 including Korea and Vietnam. Comes with instructions.

Recommended references include the Osprey/Vanguard and Osprey/New Vanguard series, Squadron/Signal's "In Action" and Special series, Concord Publications, and Museum Ordnance Specials.

Researched by Cookie Sewell