1/48 to 1/32 scale single row aircraft rivets
Click HERE to see photos of our aircraft rivets in use.

NOTE: Picture is smaller than actual sheet size to standardize picture sizes and to show detail. Please read the product description to the right to see how much product is on this sheet and then measure your project to see how many sheets you need. The value of these sheets is based on the quantity of product, not sheet size.


Sheet of aircraft rivets .009" (.23 mm) in diameter. There are 132 linear inches (335 cm) of the tightest spacing, 49 linear inches (125 cm) of the internediate spacing and 53 linear inches (135 cm) of the widest spacing to match the spacings on AR88139 and AR88141. Comes with instructions.

SCALE NOTE: These are the preferred size for 1/48 but also compliment 1/32 to represent smaller rivets.

Click HERE to watch the video tutorial for basic application.

Click HERE to download our 6 page manual for specific instructions on applying to aircraft models including a simple, no sanding method of filling recessed rivet holes common to some model kits.

Why we offer these for both 1/48 and 1/32.
If you're building in 1/32 these smaller diameter rivets are perfect for super detailing cockpits, wheel wells, etc., or to add contrasting texture to the fuselage by mixing them with the 1/32 scale rivets. Airframes are not riveted with the same size and pitch rivets so you may consider these as a compliment to the 1/32 scale rivets.