Afrika Korps Heer uniform patches for artillery troops

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With red Waffenfarbe for artillery troops. Comes with enough for seven figures with extras. Comes with detailed placement instructions and Wet Medium Paper for easy positioning.

This is one of those grey areas as to what should have happened and what did.
As troops left for Africa they were issued tropical clothing from either Heer or Luftwaffe stores. These would already have the appropriate style of national emblem and collar patches applied. Rank was then added by the wearer, this should also have been DAK-correct but there are numerous examples of temperate clothing rank badges (shoulder boards) applied as often the DAK version was not available.
There was no specific panzer crew collar patches for Africa. The only examples of the panzer skull we have seen is the metal badge pinned through the ordinary collar patch.

(Requires FG35049C or FG35054C and helmet insignias FG35044 to complete uniform)

Researched by Roddy MacDougall